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Claire and I met Jonathan Lyon last year and instantly fell in love with his work, his life philosophies, his story telling and ultimately the way he sees the world.

Jonathan created THIS IS MY VOICE as a platform for those who are rarely heard. “It began earlier this year when I uttered those immortal and dangerous words, the ones that occupy your every waking hour for the next 6 months and all your time and energy, yeah those words, – Wouldn’t it be good if..”

His wouldn’t it be good if moment was to teach homeless people photography so he created a camera club at Auckland City Mission.

Jonathan Lyon gave an insight into homelessness, sharing his project of starting a Camera Club for Auckland’s homeless. His challenge? People are not defined by the circumstances they find themselves in. NZ Herald

He said “I was frustrated at seeing photography of homeless people masquerading as art, largely devoid of any human to human connection. Now there’s nothing instrincally wrong with these images, from a technical and artistic perspective they are quite good, to some they are poignant, even moving. For me however, they represent stolen moments of people more vunerable than the person taking the photograph, unable to shy away from the public eye or lens.

People are not defined by the circumstances in which they find themselves. People are more than their job or career, they are more than where they live, where they sleep or what their life situation is at any given point.

It’s not the reality that we exist in that shapes us, it’s The lens through which we see the world that shapes our reality. And if we can change that lens we can change our perspective and change the world.

As a society he believes we need to move away from putting people in boxes and labelling them by their circumstance, their lifestyle, their job, and that we need to nurture and encourage creativity, in schools, in every aspect of life. Creativity should be elevated to the same importance as literacy.


This Is My Voice is a new, more than profit storytelling agency that seeks to do good. Working with enlightened brands and organisations to help tell their stories. They bring a fresh perspective and new approach to visual story telling with integrity, honesty and authenticity in all they do.

As a measure of his approach, philosophy and values, THIS IS MY VOICE created a camera club at Auckland City Mission called The Mission Possible Collective to teach homeless people photography and featured their body of work in two exhibitions as well as providing brands with still and moving image services.

Jonathan recently spoke at TEDx Ruakura on the democratisation of self expression through creativity.

And he’s been featured on Radio NZ while working with some brands such as Charlie’s Drinks, Retro Espresso, Auckland Council and many others.

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