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My sister and I would choose ‪local, home ‪made / home grown,‬ ‪‎ethical‬, sustainable, eco friendly, social enterprises or products created to aid a greater good‬ over mass produced goods any day! So follow us on our journey as we continue to explore market locally and overseas, telling the stories of what it means to support these individuals and the good that they are creating within their own communities!

Within my own circle of Auckland friends three of them own their own creative businesses (kiwiana art and dresses plus accessories for little girls) and sell their goods at markets all over Auckland as well as prime ‘out of town spots’ on the holiday markets circuit. They also run their businesses online but the majority of their income comes from market supporters who love what they do and feel they are getting something a little more unique and special for themselves or loved ones.

Claire and I also dream of having our own Heart Of Good market stall in the near future. We’ve been individually developing our own social enterprises, with a purpose and intent to create positive change, at the hearts of both. My enterprise COLOUR MY STORY will comprise of colouring in books and cards, created by kids for kids as a creative exchange across borders, with funds going to an organisation close to my heart – Orphfund. You can read more about this project here –

Claire has been working on her project, MAKE GIVE LIVE. It is a social enterprise with a vision to connect, enrich and empower young and mature generations through collaboratively designing and making products, starting with knitting and crochet. You can find out more here –

Thank you Jonathan Lyon from WE MAKE HAPPY for the beautifully made video!

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