Life in Syntropy

In Sustainability

“Life in Syntropy” is the new short film from Agenda Gotsch made specially to be presented at COP21 – Paris. This film put together some of the most remarkable experiences in Syntropic Agriculture.

It documents the story of Ernst Götschis attempt at harmonizing our agricultural activities with natural processes of life in order to produce an optimum of diversity and. quantity of high quality fruits, seeds and of other organic materials, without utilizing imported fertilizers, pesticides and heavy machinery.

In fact, it is an attempt at finding for each plant those conditions in which it best develops, and of approximating our agricultural systems in any given situation as near as possible to the natural ecosystem to be intervened. This in contrast, therefore to modem approach in agriculture, in which man tries to adapt plants and ecosystems to the “needs” of modern agriculture.

After watching this brilliant short doco I couldn’t wait to share it and I encourage EVERYONE to please watch it! Thanks to truly inspiring and incredible people like Ernest Gotsch there is real hope for our planet and for people, as we find ways to work in harmony with nature and still get what we need from it in order to survive.

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