Jess’s Shocking Pink Fundraiser

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Claire and I were so incredibly proud to be supporting our beautiful GOOD friend Jessica Weller at her Shocking Pink Auckland Fundraiser this year. Her mission to save lives through education and sharing her own personal experience with breast cancer is such an inspiration! It’s also a reminder for all of us to focus on what really matters in this life, live healthy and spread the love.

The Auckland Shocking Pink Fundraiser was held at Atomic Coffee’s Cafe in Kingsland. It was an exciting event that aimed to raise funds for Shocking Pink – an organisation that supports young New Zealand women going through breast cancer. Money raised all goes to provide young women with one to one and group support while they navigate their treatment journeys, provide them with financial support (utility bills, flights, grocery and petrol vouchers), provide access to the Shocking Pink Sanctuary – subsidised beauty treatments and help to fund the annual shocking Pink retreat.

While the event was to raise funds for an incredibly important cause it was also to spread awareness for a disease that affects 350 young women every year in New Zealand. They had four awesome speakers – Cheryle Moreton-Robins, one of the founders of Shocking Pink and a two time cancer survivor. Jaime Bowen – hilarious man and renowned NZ comedian. Emma Kelly – Crainosacrial Therapist and Wellness coach and Jess Weller – Breast Cancer survivor and Tedx speaker. It was an beautiful evening and we are looking forward to seeing what’s ahead for 2016! With the help of Sam, Rach and the Atomic team, the organisers, speakers and the generous sponsors they managed to raise an impressive $2000 for the Shocking Pink Charitable Trust.


Jess asked me to design these self check cards recently and I have to admit that it was only through designing and illustrating the cards for her that I became aware of all the signs myself and given the significant number of young women affected by breast cancer I realised how vitally important education is as well as the message getting through that we need to take more responsibility of our own health.

So don’t hesitate! Now is the perfect moment to get personally aqualinted with your breasts and make it into a regular habit that could save your life one day.

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