Colour Our Story: Melbourne

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If you missed the first part it all started back home in Auckland, New Zealand with a dream followed by the first COLOUR OUR STORY drawing event –

What came out of that event were some truly awesome drawings by a group of young kids eager to be part of something unique and heart driven. Sure they had coloured in their fair share of colouring in books but knowing that their own outline drawings were going into colouring in books destined for Orphfund kids in Uganda to colour in was enough to get their imaginations buzzing as they thought about what they wanted to share with kids on the other side of the world.

Creating children’s colouring in books, by children for children… connecting kids creatively and colouring beyond borders between Uganda, New Zealand and Australia.

Not long after the event, Jonathan and I packed all the drawings in our bags, jumped on a plane and landed in Melbourne where we have been housesitting. Thanks to our beautiful teacher friend Karen and teacher Matt we soon had a 2nd COLOUR our STORY drawing event underway with 50+ kids at the Kerrimuir Primary School. What a magical day!!

When somebody else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love. Lana Del Ray

Thank you to the teachers and kids for embracing the project so beautifully and putting so much love and care into your drawings. We are beyond excited that we get to personally hand deliver them to the Orphfund kids in Uganda in just a few weeks time. Watching you draw, reading your stories and talking to you about the project filled us with so much joy and hope for the future!!

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